Best Sushi in Mexico City

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Japanese gastronomy has become more relevant in Mexico City thanks to the variety of opportunities to taste these dishes. Sushi is undeniably among the favorite dishes of foodies. This dish is widely recognized in Japanese cuisine and is most famous internationally.

In Japanese, the word sushi means “sour rice.” This name is given since the medium-grained white rice used in this dish is traditionally moistened with rice vinegar and seasoned with salt and sugar until it acquires a sticky consistency that allows it to be molded or rolled into shape. 

Sushi can be prepared in several ways; the toppings and fillings can vary, but it always includes rice. This dish features specially prepared rice combined with other fresh ingredients, usually some type of fish, seafood, vegetables, or eggs, often raw but sometimes cooked, roasted, boiled, fried, or even marinated. Sushi is usually in small portions, about bite-size, and can take multiple shapes.

So, here are the Top 10 places where you can enjoy the best sushi in Mexico City, don’t worry; it includes a variety of locations in different areas of the city, from high-end restaurants to more affordable choices.

Restaurante Suntory

$$$ – $$$$

Restaurante Suntory - EatMexCity

Suntory Del Valle has been among the favorites and most delicious in the capital for its quality and refined culinary tradition for over 50 years. This restaurant has offered a gourmet experience in its food and drinks since its founders came to Mexico to start the local production of Japanese-style whiskey. 

You can’t miss their yummy “Capricho del chef” rolls. Although it is not sushi as such, it is worth living the experience of their specialty, teppanyaki, since it also has a great variety of dishes containing Rib eye Angus, Teriyaki chicken, lobster, squid, mixed seafood, scallops, tuna or shrimp. 

The price range in this restaurant can be higher than most of the places on this list; however, this may vary depending on what you order. You can also order from their app, but I recommend you visit this location to eat and order one of their famous Japanese drinks. Believe me, they are the best. I can promise you won’t regret it!

El Japonez


El Japonez - EatMexCity

If you are looking for a fine-dining restaurant with a romantic vibe, El Japonez is just what you need. 

It has locations in the city’s most exclusive areas, like Polanco, Santa Fe, and Condesa. This place really reflects a distinguished cultural concept. It takes you into a sophisticated Japanese-style environment, where you can enjoy different types of sushi, from nigiri sushi (made up of an oval-shaped mound of rice molded by hand with a slice of raw fish on top) and sushi cakes to the rolls and cones we all know. 

If you go, you must try the “Special Shake” nigiri sushi made with flamed salmon with apple, chives, and ponzu jelly, as well as their tasty desserts. I love all of them, but try the Fonde Yu, prepared directly at your table and ideal for sharing and impressing your date. The estimated budget in this restaurant can vary depending on your consumption. 

Izakaya Kura


Izakaya Kura - EatMexCity

Located in Roma Norte, this restaurant is one of the best options for trying sushi in a traditional Japanese restaurant. Here, you can get closer to Japanese culture and practice your language skills since all the menus are written in Japanese. 

A peaceful place and the most traditional of the list to enjoy robata, oden, ramen, and sashimi, as well as typical Japanese drinks with friends. I recommend trying the spicy tuna roll; its flavor is unmatched, and it’s definitely my favorite. If you are hungry, their lunch menu, depending on the main course, will vary its price.

Check out their mochi helado (ice cream covered in rice paste) for dessert. It is delicious! The menu is extensive, and the prices are average.


$$$ – $$$$

Ryoshi - EatMexCity

Ryoshi is one of the most popular restaurant with the best sushi in Mexico City. Thanks to its vast and varied selection of appetizers, rolls, and other creative delicacies of Japanese cuisine.

Its beautiful architecture and sophisticated style are perfect for a romantic dinner. The menu includes top-quality Japanese seafood, meat, vegan dishes, and a sushi and sashimi bar. 

The Ryoshi Roll is one of their specialties, prepared with king crab, spicy mayo, tobiko, tempura, and tuna. The prices can be higher than average, depending on your order.

Deigo & Kaito


Deigo & Kaito

Deigo & Kaito is a renowned and modern Japanese restaurant in Del Valle, serving meat, seafood, and Japanese noodles. 

The fixed menu is designed for you to try a little bit of everything. It includes a miso soup, salad, sashimi, Gohan or yakimeshi, and the main course. The food is extraordinary, of generous portions, and superior in quality. 

Its cocktail bar is an authentic izakaya (Japanese tavern) run only by women. Their exclusive cocktail menu fuses classic and oriental cocktails, creating new, fresh, modern versions using different ingredients like sake, tea, ginger, and wasabi to represent the typical Asian flavors.

KAI Sushi Bar


KAI Sushi Bar - EatMexCity

KAI is a traditional Japanese sushi bar in Polanco that offers the highest quality in its dishes made with impeccable technique and personally delivered by the Itamae (Chef) to the 16 diners at the bar, so it would be a good idea to make a reservation before going. 

Although it is a small space, the warm and intimate atmosphere makes each visitor feel comfortable and relaxed to have a good time. In addition, you will be amazed by this venue’s minimalist and elegant decoration, which is also reflected in each dish. 

The menu has fresh dishes like nigiri, sashimi, salads, wagyu (Japanese beef of the best quality), or fish. However, you want to live an unforgettable experience. In that case, you must order the Omakase, which consists of a five-course menu with the recommendations of the Chef, who cooks in front of you.

Tori Tori


Tori Tori - EatMexCity

It has several restaurants in key city points and a unique architectural proposal in each location. However, Tori Tori Temístocles in Polanco is the most symbolic of them; it has received several awards for its interior design and architecture, as it creates a romantic atmosphere that surrounds diners in a peaceful environment with soft music throughout their stay. 

The nigiri’s chef selection is delightful and includes miso soup and hosomaki, so this is my recommendation. If you want to try some of the best sushi in Mexico City, I recommend the marinated salmon roll, which is also delicious. It is considered a high-end restaurant, so bear in mind that its prices are high, although they can vary depending on your order.



Kunio - EatMexCity

At the heart of San Angel, we can find this modern restaurant with minimalist decoration where high-quality Japanese dishes are served at a fair price, and I would dare to say, at the best price. 

Its simplicity and freshness make Kunio an accessible and fascinating choice. This place combines the best flavors and products from Japanese and Mexican cuisine, resulting in original dishes and a unique gastronomical experience. 

The Kakiage roll is fantastic; it has become one of my favorite rolls prepared with crab, cheese, avocado, and eel sauce. You can’t miss their Tempura bar, where you can enjoy a quiet moment tasting tempura pieces of vegetables, shrimp, fish, or whatever the Chef recommends for that day. It is incredible! 



Aoyama - EatMexCity

Suppose you are looking for a restaurant with a wide variety of Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese food and an incredible outdoor atmosphere. In that case, Aoyama is one of the best options in Roma Norte. Its famous and dazzling terrace on the 2nd floor is a great place to spend a pleasant moment with family and/or friends and enjoy tasty Asian food. I recommend trying its salmon sushi cake or the exquisite “Jaiba especial roll” with gouda cheese on the outside, fifth avenue sauce, stuffed with crab seasoned with its special butter, purple onion, and eel sauce.

Seriously, these dishes are among the best I have tried. Its prices are relatively high and low, but it is worth visiting their terrace.

Tokyo Rose


Tokyo Rose - EatMexCity

Located in Condesa, Del Valle, and Xola, Tokyo Rose offers a wide variety of Japanese dishes at an excellent price, at one of the best prices you can find on the market. 

Here, Japanese tradition meets modern kitchen innovation. For example, many rolls prepared with seafood, fish, meat, vegetables, or fruit, are served in large portions. 

I recommend their maki roll named Oyster, made with smoked Oyster, avocado and cheese, and sesame on the outside. You can hardly find such a tasty mix of ingredients anywhere else. I also recommend their Cucumber roll, prepared with cheese, salmon, avocado, crab and masago, and cucumber on the outside. It is mind-blowing!

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