Best Breakfast in Mexico City

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You can find some of the best gastronomical proposals in Mexico City with incredible venues that offer both traditional and contemporary visions of Mexico’s culinary heritage. 

Here is a list of these places you must visit at least once to have one of the best breakfast in Mexico City; you can find and enjoy the unique venue they offer.

El Cardenal


El Cardenal - EatMexCity

El Cardenal is everyone’s favorite. It has different locations in Centro, Lomas de Chapultepec, and San Ángel. In this restaurant, typical Mexican tables are recreated, and breakfast has become a tradition. In addition, they develop the tortilla process starting from scratch

The same happens with the freshly baked bread prepared in front of the diners, the “Doña Olivia” chocolate, and the thick creams made with fresh milk, which make up a fabulous traditional breakfast. We recommend the Tortilla de Huevo con Escamoles, and the Revueltos a La Cazuela.

Balcón del Zócalo


Balcón del Zócalo - EatMexCity

Balcón del Zócalo is a restaurant with one of the most beautiful and visited terraces by tourists and locals. One of the reasons is its unbeatable view of the Cathedral and National Palace. The others are the delicious food and the mimosas.

Note that the menu is constantly changing by season. We suggest you order Oaxacan Chocolate and a piece of gourmet bread. From the Fall/Winter Menu, We recommend the Enfrijoladas a la Veracruzana filled with chicken, chorizo, and fresh avocado. They are amazing! Bear in mind that it is a fine restaurant; therefore, the prices are higher than most places in the center of Mexico City. 

Madre Café

$$ – Pet friendly 

Madre Café - EatMexCity

Located in a remodeled mansion built in 1917 during the Porfirian period, Madre Café is one of the favorite places in Roma Norte neighborhood. 

There is no doubt it is a great terrace to have breakfast on. All the tables are outdoors, and its cuisine is addictive. On the menu, you can find traditional breakfasts with a nice flavor twist to a wide variety of eggs, omelets, fruit, smoothies, and juices. We love the chilaquiles with poblano sauce and arrachera (beef). 

If you like Carajillos (a coffee-based drink), try one here. They are the best, and there are a lot of flavors to choose from. 

Restaurante Café de Tacuba


Restaurante Café de Tacuba - EatMexCity

Café Tacuba has more than 100 years of history. It is located on Tacuba Street, hence its name, in a 17th-century mansion still standing after four centuries. 

This centennial restaurant offers a space with unique decor that makes you travel in time through its beautiful murals of Mexican gastronomy and valuable paintings of historical figures. The authenticity of its recipes, the aroma, the Talavera, and the place have made it a classic. 

This restaurant is famous for its fresh bread and coffee. Here you can find typical Mexican breakfasts like enchiladas, tamales, tortas, and their special breakfasts, including coffee with milk and biscuits. If you are looking for something sweet and light, you can also find the well-known Mexican desserts of the house. 

La Vienet


La Vienet . EatMexCity

This hidden place in Coyoacán is one of our personal favorites. Even though it is very close to the Frida Kahlo Museum, few people know about it. 

La Vienet offers extraordinary prices for great meals. We definitely love its style as a little colonial house with exciting decoration. Their welcoming and friendly atmosphere help their customers feel at home. 

The breakfast menu is complete and includes juice or fruit, tea or coffee, and of course, the main course. For starters, we recommend trying their hot chocolate and corn muffin, delicious! 

Condimento Restaurant


Condimento Restaurant . EatMexCity

On Copenhague Street, near Paseo de la Reforma, you can find a popular spot that belongs to one of the best-established hotels in Mexico City. 

Condimento Restaurant is known for its tempting best breakfast in Mexico City menu and distinguished service. Their dishes are prepared with originality and the highest quality reflecting authentic Mexican cuisine. So if you’re looking for variety in a relaxed atmosphere, this place has the best breakfast buffet.

Panadería Rosetta

$ – Pet friendly

Panadería Rosetta - EatMexCity

This famous bakery in Roma Norte neighborhood belongs to one of the most renowned Mexican chefs. 

It is ideal when you crave a light breakfast and a hot drink. Its menu contains all kinds of bread, loaves, scones, muffins, cookies, cakes, and sandwiches and includes gluten-free and/or vegan options. 

This classic of the city has one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces you must visit.

Café C

$$ – Pet friendly

Café C - EatMexCity

Café C perfectly combines delicious food, creativity, and good service. For these reasons, it has become one of the favorite terraces to have breakfast in CDMX and hang out in Del Valle neighborhood. 

You can’t miss their popular 3D lattes, the house’s specialty, with foam in different shapes of animals like piglets, dogs, hens, cats, and bears. For Día de Muertos and spooky season, they also have colorful calaveritas (Mexican skulls), pumpkins and Frankenstein heads. 

If you want something light, the bakery is also a must. Their artisan scones are the closest thing to perfection. Try their pancakes or chilaquiles if you’re in the mood for a large breakfast. 

Motín Café

$ – Pet friendly

Motín Café - EatMexCity

Motín Café is a beautiful spot in Roma Norte that serves some of the best breakfast in Mexico City and cocktails all day. 

Breakfasts are the specialty because they are tasty and abundant. The menu is extensive and delicious. So, it is the perfect place to have pancakes, waffles, müsli, eggs, toasts, chilaquiles, enchiladas, sandwiches, molletes, enfrijoladas, and croissants for early breakfast, brunch, or even though, for dinner

We love the Plato de Desayuno Completo: two fluffy, soft, and delightful pancakes with Ricotta, bacon, two eggs, and a side of baked potatoes or berries. Looking for a complete breakfast in the size of a glass? Don’t look any further! This will be your favorite place since they also have all kinds of juices and smoothies, which are complete and yummy.

Terraza Cha cha cha


Terraza Cha cha cha - EatMexCity

Enjoy from Friday to Sunday some of the best breakfast in Mexico City at this lovely and refined rooftop venue with a beautiful view of Monumento a la Revolución

The breakfast menu includes Aguachile (a Mexican dish made of fresh shrimp, cucumber, lemon juice, Chiltepin chili, and red onion), eggs, chilaquiles, cecina, quesadillas, tortas de suadero, fruit, french toast, and much more. Despite not being very extensive, the menu is varied and adventurous. You can order juice, café de olla, mimosas, or one of their creative, elegant craft drinks to accompany your breakfast. A lovely experience with an incredible view of the city and good food at affordable prices you can’t miss.

Sanborns de los Azulejos


Sanborns de los Azulejos - EatMexcity

Located between the streets of Madero and Cinco de Mayo, you can enjoy the best flavor and tradition of Mexican cuisine in one of the city’s main symbols and a crucial touristic landmark.

The beautiful building where this restaurant is located was built in the 18th century during the viceroyalty period and was the primary residence of the Counts of the Orizaba Valley. 

It is commonly known as “Casa de los Azulejos” or “Palacio Azul” due to its facade of Talavera tiles from Puebla that cover the entire exterior of the building, which, together with its quarry work on the balconies and moldings, make it one of the most beautiful jewels of architecture. 

You can’t leave without trying their molletes and famous green enchiladas suizas.

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